Dental surgery, also known as dental operations, is a surgical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and surgery related to various diseases, injuries, and aesthetic aspects of the mouth and teeth. 


Modern dental surgeries are fast, simple and painless, thanks to the modernization of systems. There are two types of dental surgeries, major and minor. Major surgery is performed in the hospital, while minor surgery is performed in the dental clinic and ranges from simple tooth extractions to implants and bone regeneration surgeries. 


The placement of dental implants is one of the most common surgeries and represents an effective solution for those who have lost one or more teeth.

Retained canine surgery

Canine teeth surgery is a common procedure performed when these teeth have not developed or come in correctly. Canines are important for a good bite and dental aesthetics, so this surgery can help improve appearance and oral health.


Oral hard tissue biopsy is a procedure used to obtain a sample of tissue from the mouth for analysis. This can help diagnose disease and prevent the spread of oral cancer. It is a quick and simple procedure that is performed in the dental office.

Third molar surgery

Impacted third molar surgery is a procedure to remove a molar tooth that has not erupted correctly and is causing pain or infection. It is often performed under general anesthesia and requires a longer recovery time than other dental surgeries.


Las extracciones simples y quirúrgicas son procedimientos comunes que se utilizan para extraer dientes dañados o enfermos. Las extracciones simples se realizan en un diente que ya ha salido, mientras que las extracciones quirúrgicas se realizan en dientes que aún no han salido o que están dañados.


Dental implants are a popular option to replace missing or damaged teeth. The procedure involves the placement of a titanium attachment in the jawbone or jaw bone, which is then attached to a dental prosthesis. Implants can last

Mini implants

Mini implants are a smaller and less invasive option than traditional dental implants. They are used to stabilize dentures and may be a good option for those who are not good candidates for traditional implants.

Bone injert

Bone grafting is a procedure in which additional bone is placed in the jaw or jaw to help strengthen the bone and allow for the placement of dental implants. Bone grafting may be necessary for those who have lost bone due to periodontal disease or tooth extraction.

Incision and drainage of intraoral abscess

Intraoral abscess incision and drainage is a procedure used to treat a serious dental infection. The dentist will make a small incision in the gum to drain the pus and then clean the affected area. It is important to seek immediate treatment for an abscessed tooth, as it can spread to other parts of the body.

sinus lift

Sinus lift is a procedure used to increase the amount of bone available in the upper jaw for the placement of dental implants. During the procedure, the maxillary sinus membrane is lifted and additional bone is placed underneath. This procedure may be necessary for those who have lost bone due to periodontal disease or tooth extraction.

Other necessary cases of surgery are:

What to eat after dental surgery?


After oral surgery, it is crucial to follow certain care. During the first 48 hours, it is recommended to avoid spitting and rinsing. Applying ice intermittently on the first day helps reduce inflammation. A soft diet is important in the first days to avoid pressure and promote better healing of the gum and bone.

What not to do
after dental surgery?

It is important during the postoperative period, especially the first seven days, not to exert any kind of overexertion or weight lifting, as well as to avoid physical exercise. In addition, smoking, drinking alcohol or taking any other type of drugs is prohibited. The pharmacological regimen prescribed by the surgeon must be followed to avoid inflammation and/or postoperative infection and improve the healing of the operated area.


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