Dental Bueno somos pioneros en tecnología e innovación es por eso que contamos con diferentes diagnósticos para nuestros paciente, que facilitan encontrar el problema.

We have the best specialists, in charge of providing the best care and quality for each of our patients. Therefore, we offer you multiple specialties so that you do not have to go elsewhere. 

Intraoral X-ray:

These x-rays are taken with a digital sensor placed inside the patient's mouth.

Panoramic x-ray

It is an extraoral radiograph that shows a panoramic image of the entire mouth, including the teeth, jaws, maxillary sinuses, and surrounding bone structures.

Cephalometric radiography

It is a lateral head and neck radiograph used in orthodontics to assess the relationship between the facial bones, dental structures, and temporomandibular joints.

What is Radiology?

It is a discipline that uses diagnostic imaging techniques to obtain images of the teeth, jaws, and structures related to the oral cavity. These radiographic images are fundamental tools for the diagnosis, planning and follow-up of dental treatments.

How does radiology help
in dentistry?

Radiology in dentistry plays a fundamental role in the diagnosis and treatment of various dental and maxillofacial conditions. These X-ray images help dental professionals visualize internal structures, detect hidden problems, plan treatment, and track dental health over time.


These people already trust us.

Gabriela Ceja
Gabriela CejaHappy patient
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I want to thank Dr. Vanesa for her time and dedication. She is an excellent dentist!! I appreciate the care and affection shown to me and my parents by Ms. Anita at the Atlanta branch. I am very happy and satisfied with the services received!!
Isabella Castillo
Isabella CastilloHappy patient
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I have been treated at the Atlanta branch and received excellent orthodontic service from Dr. Edgar Galván, who helped me with dental implants. Dr. Marco always attends to me wonderfully. The reception and the director always provide me with the appropriate follow-up to my inquiries. I am very happy with the service. Dr. Liliana Bueno performed a surgery on me, and I am very satisfied and happy with the results. It was non-invasive and painless. 100% recommended.
Patricia Sandoval
Patricia SandovalHappy patient
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I always appreciate the attention I receive from the reception to my dentist, Dr. Vanesa. The staff is well-trained to meet the different dental needs of the patients. I highly recommend them.
ValHappy patient
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The place is very well-maintained, the safety measures made me feel at ease, and they demonstrated how professional they are. The doctor was also excellent, empathetic, and very humane. She always ensured that the treatments were as comfortable as possible. Highly recommended! 🙂

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